Research of Physical Interaction has been investigating how to bring computation out of the screen because tangibility plays such an important role in our lives. I began to be curious about what do people feel about virtual versus reality, what makes people feel distanced or existence? The objective of this project is to make inquiry of what people commented online with the sentence of "I _ therefore I exist". The system does data-mining with data sent from google search (articles/blogs/news etc) to process results and create visualization of dynamic typography and graphics. Project built with Processing, Python, xgoogle & MySQL.

Google Fonts.A complete redesign of Google Fonts
Travel.A WIP drawing of my travel records
The Search Opearators.The sloppy twin of Google search
Chelsea Illustrated.The story of Chelsea's past and present
Happy 2013.A digital post card
iMuse.For the creative mind
Invisible Light.Data Visualization of Network Traffic in the air
The Cloak.A cloak made with LED
Text Experiment.Drawing with Processing
Toolbox.Information Design of a Toolbox
EU Photography.Travel photos in Europe 2005