First launched in 2010 as an engineering initiative to move the web forward, today Google fonts are viewed on the web over 15 billion times a day in over 135 languages worldwide. As the design lead, I worked on the 2016 Google Fonts redesign to best showcase typography and type designers while making fonts easy to explore and use. Using the Material Design framework, the design scales across different screen sizes and devices with a brand new look and feel of the site, from the overall interactivity all the way down to the logo design.

The redesign has been selected by the 2016 STA 100 Awards, the 2017 Communication Arts Interactive Annual Awards and the 2017 Communication Arts Typography Annual Awards. To learn more about the redesign, please checkout the article – Reimagining Google Fonts on Google Design and visit fonts.google.com.

Selected press:
  • The new Google Fonts database is a design geek's paradise – The Verge
  • The new Google Fonts is a win for designers – 99designs
  • Google Fonts website gets a major redesign – Creative Bloq
  • /Projects/
    Travel.A WIP drawing of my travel records
    The Search Opearators.The sloppy twin of Google search
    Chelsea Illustrated.The story of Chelsea's past and present
    Happy 2013.A digital post card
    iMuse.For the creative mind
    Invisible Light.Data Visualization of Network Traffic in the air
    Cogito Ergo Sum.I_ therefore I exist
    The Cloak.A cloak made with LED
    Text Experiment.Drawing with Processing
    Toolbox.Information Design of a Toolbox
    EU Photography.Travel photos in Europe 2005