iMuse– Not only plays the role as a creative outlet, but also an advisor, a listener, and a friend. The ancient Roman myth has it that creativity was not embodied in human being but existed in remote spirit that would come to you. Inspired by the myth, the project explored the imaginary space between the creative and his/her muse.

The Bookshelf. The muse passes wisdom to you through books. On the bookshelf there are different sizes of books made with stack of e-paper, which are able to download new content. The glowing cover and spine are the soft whisper from the muse which create a new mode of dialogue.
The Stethoscope. Consult your muse for diagnose. The stethoscope delivers your heartbeat to the muse, and later prints out a prescription with advice for your current circumstances.
The chair. Have a seat, and wait for your muse to arrive. The pair of chairs creates the aura of initiating dialogue between you and the muse. It serves the emotional needs and encourages patience, hope and believe.
The phone. Leave a message to the muse. Your muse is not around and you need to talk. Dial the bluetooth headset and leave your frustration, struggle, thoughts or anxiety in the messages.
Personified Your Muse. Create your preference list to customize your own experience with iMuse.