Alphabet Type design and motion study in CSS⁄ Numerical Type design with simple geometry and CSS grid⁄ 2019 A New Year greeting for 2019⁄ Hatching Curve Rectangle Line Triangle Drawing #1⁄ Google Fonts A complete redesign of Google Fonts⁄ Topeka App A quiz demo app for Google IO⁄ Travel A WIP drawing of my travel records⁄ The Search Operators The sloppy twin of Google search⁄ Chelsea Illustrated The story of Chelsea's past and present⁄ iMuse For the creative mind⁄ Invisible Light Data Visualization of Network Traffic in the air⁄ Cogito Ergo Sum I_ therefore I exist⁄ The Cloak A cloak made with LED⁄ Text Experiment Drawing with Processing⁄ Toolbox Information Design of a Toolbox⁄ EU Photography Travel photos in Europe 2005⁄

Yuin Chien is a multidisciplinary designer who creates form and function by pushing pixels and code. Striving for aesthetics, imagination and intent, she explores the intersection of human interactions, design and technology. Her work has been selected by MoMA, Communication Arts, STA 100 Awards, Huffington Post, and The Verge. See resume.